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Design Thinking & Creative Expression | 2019

About the Event

Design Thinking & Creative Expression Program @Vedatya

Vedatya is offering a program for class 11th and 12th students that allows them to define their creative expression through a design thinking approach.

The weekend program, held on their campus on Gurgaon Sohna road, allows the participants to probe their potential and interest in design related career paths, helps them build a design portfolio and builds design thinking competence that is a critical component of entrance exams at nationalized and private design schools. This is done through an applied orientation that includes workshops, studios and interaction with industry experts.

Topics included in the program are as follows.

  1. Program Introduction | Introduction to the programme content and student expectation
  2. Design Thinking and its Application | Recognize how design affects varied aspects of our life and learn about the design thinking process
  3. Basics of Photography | Learn basics of photography through an interactive masterclass
  4. Functional Design for Service Spaces | Learn to apply design fundamentals to a service space setting like a restaurant, retail shops, etc.
  5. Sustainable Design | Appreciate the significance that design and sustainability work hand in hand. This is done through the use of practical examples
  6. Introduction to Fashion Design | Learn how fashion designers apply their creativity for driving marketable trends
  7. Product Design | Appreciation of the product developmental process and incorporation of design thinking principles through simple examples
  8. Communication and Presentation Skills | Learn the importance of creative expression in written and verbal fromats to communicate effectively with all stakeholders

Programme Details

Please click here to get program details and Vedatya's profile.


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