Examining The Dilemma Between Ethical Misconduct Of Individuals And The Talent Selection Process At Cbcbc Global Bank | Vimal Babu


CBCBC Global Bank is one of the reputed banksin India. The bank is quite active with its strong penetration in the vast market. It serves customers through various available branches all over the world. The bank is known for delivering customer delight, innovative products and services, and superior quality standards. Off late, the Suratcity branch in India was inaugurated, especially to serve the business community in the textiles and diamond industry by offering better financial services. The service class was a mainstream source of customers, as well. Nelson, a supervisor working in a small textile enterprise in Surat recently got a new savings bank account with CBCBC Global Bank. At the behest of Nelson, his 17-year old son Barry,went to deposit an amount of INR 50,000 at the nearest branch. Since Barry was in a hurry, he failed to collect the receipt in full against the deposit he made at the branch to Stephanie. She was hired by the bank three months ago. She was the executive at the cash deposit counter.She collected INR 50,000 and shrewdly issued the receipt of INR 20,000 only. However, she did not bother to furnish the full receipt. Since Barry was in a hurry, Stephanie took undue advantage of the gullible boy. When Nelson came to know about the blunder, he immediately rushed to the branch along with Barry to check the status of remaining money deposited. However, fifteen days have already gone by since the incidence took place. When Stephanie was interrogated about the blunder, she denied it. Later when she realized that Nelson is not going to give up and that he may escalate the issue to higher bank authorities, she succumbed and accepted her fault. She confessed that she had siphoned offthe remaining INR 30,000 back to her home. However, she assured of returning it shortly. Having received the lost money, Nelson was so elated that he pardoned Stephanie for her mistake without questioning her misconduct, or complaining it to higher authorities for necessary action. Some of the major questions are: how far does such an incidence reveal improper talent selection process atCBCBC Bank, wherein the operative staff such as Stephanie gets selected as an employee to handle cash transactions within three months of her joining? Contrarily, who is more responsible ethically-Stephanie, Nelson, or Barry to avoid such a gross misconduct?

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