Placements @ Vedatya

Placements at Vedatya

Vedatya has over two decades of proven record of student placement in multinational firms, both domestically and internationally. This is based on our strong industry partnership in the form of an IHG Academy and our stated goal of placement as a key deliverable to our students.

The result of this strong focus is that 25% of our students get hired as management trainees when the industry average is 2%.

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Percentage of hospitality graduates hired as management trainees

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Hospitality Management

Our interview process for the hospitality students typically starts in October, a full 9 months before the students graduate.

Such is the demand for our graduates that 26% of them have historically been hired in the management trainee positions when the industry average is 2%.

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Culinary Arts

Graduates of culinary school have a unique advantage of being hired directly after their internship in the last semester.

Couple this with our record of students internship with Michelin Star chefs, and the placement is a foregone conclusion across branded hotels and stand alone restaurants.

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Design school graduates have a plethora of career options that includes some of the leading creative agencies, fashion houses and MNCs.

Many of our students also choose an entrepreneurial path.

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Business Management

The strong business skills provided by these programs means that our students have been hired by the likes of HP, KPMG, Adidas and many other MNCs.

Many of our students also choose to pursue an entrepreneurial path.

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Our biggest alumni base of over 800 students is in UK, US and Europe. And over two decades of graduates mean that our students are now in key executive positions in industries as diverse as hospitality, consulting, technology, financial services and retail.

Be part of this elite group.

You can look at our alumni profiles in the specific section on the school specific placement page above.


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