Amit Kapur

Managing Promoter, Vedatya

  • MBA, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • MS (Electronics Engineering), University of Southern California, USA
  • BS (Electronics Engineering), Arizona State University, USA

One key business lesson that Amit has learned through his career is that it's a person's incompetence that gets him into trouble. And it's the person's lack of ability to identify this incompetence that gets him into even more trouble.

He therefore focuses his effort at Vedatya on his dwindling list of competencies that include marketing, business development, and effective use of technology to serve a business purpose.

Amit's past experiences include designing microprocessors and computer systems at Intel in the Silicon Valley in California, working in a marketing and business development entrepreneurial role in a mid-cap semiconductor company, and being an apprentice to a CEO of a $300 million revenue company across multiple roles. He also worked at a venture capital firm based out of Philadelphia, USA, where he advised the principal investor on investment strategies for Information Technology start-ups.

He is extremely committed to the concept of providing not just good quality education, but also applied skills that are immensely helpful for success in the real world.

He has also been living his life with the goal of pushing boundaries as an introspective tool. He is an endurance athlete (has completed an Ironman, climbed high altitude mountains in South America, ran ultra marathons, and swam for 10k), is learning Indian classical music (an inspiration from his two sons) and wants to learn more about human psychology.

He relates to the quote "Reality continues to ruin my life" by Calvin & Hobbes.