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Design Competition | 2019

About the Event

The design competition encourages participants to think out of the box, use their skills and knowledge to compete, and also learn to work in teams to achieve results.

Participants are expected to bring and use waste or recyclable materials of any kind for creative expression. The product created could be a garment, a piece of furniture, an electronic gadget or anything else, as long as the materials being used can be classified as waste/recyclable/reusable with a clear sustainability footprint.

Vedatya will reserve the right to disallow any material that does not fit the above stated description with no right of appeal from the participating team. Therefore please provide pictures of the material before the event to be approved.

No materials will be provided by Vedatya. Teams will need to bring their own materials and ideas to the competition.

Event Registration

Please register to the students for the event by completing the registration form. Each student registration needs to be made separately.

Also note that there is a Rs. 500 per school entry fee that needs to be paid through the payment page.

Last date of registration is August 31st, 2019