An Analysis Of Interactions Among The Variables Of Cost Of Conflict Amongst Nations | Malay R.Patel, Vimal Babu & Umang Gupta


The purpose of this paper is to determine the cost of conflict measurement variables and their relationships, on which the top economists and policy makers should focus, so as to make good judgment of all the losses that can be brought about by war. In this paper, an Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) based approach has been employed to model the cost of conflict variables. These variables have been selected after extensive research of available resources on this topic. These variables have been tested to determine which ones are most harmed, which means that they have influence on both financial as well as overall well being of the nation’s population. The paper highlights the variables associated with the cost of conflict and the various relationships between the affected variables. An interesting finding of this paper is, that some of the damages of war which are generally considered to have high impact financial effects do not do so and others do, such as war duration. Also in this paper, an interpretation of cost of conflict variables in terms of their impact and dependence powers has been carried out. As of now, the researchers have not been able to find out any other research done in this particular facet of war, which implements ISM.

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