Listening Quality Of The Point Of Service Personnel (PSPs) As Impulse Trigger In Service Purchase: A Research Framework | M.L.Agrawal & Marcus Schmidt

As most services are purchased in an interpersonal dyad, the role of the point of service personnel (PSPs hereafter), especially in how do they listen to the visiting service customers (VSCs) is potentially significant. PSPs can trigger an impulse buying among the VSCs. An increasing number of services are presently bought on impulse. Accordingly we propose a research framework to help test empirical linkages, if any, between the listening quality of the PSPs and impulse buying of services. The framework focuses on three listening quality parameters – Attentiveness, Perceptiveness and Responsiveness as the projected triggers for an impulse purchase of service products. The attempts are designed to spur serious research in impulsive buying of services as well as the listening quality of the point of service personnel.

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