Cultural Society at Vedatya


Garhi Murli (Garhi Bazidpur),
Sohna Road, Gurugram – 122103, Haryana


(Academic Session: 2022-2023)

 ILLUMA- Meaning: “a radiant group of individuals with skyrocketing spirit” is the Club responsible for all Cultural Activities on the campus at Vedatya Institute. In addition to the skill and knowledge development in the classrooms, cultural activities are more about holistic development. The industry expects the students to be “jack of all trades”. Therefore, to develop students holistically Vedatya Institute provides them exposure to an array of activities along with academics.

Cultural activities play a key role in the overall personality development of students. It is imperative to assist them in understanding the influence they exercise on career development to enable them to provide constructive and knowledgeable advice.

Different types of cultural activities can give varied exposure to students which not only instills confidence in them but also foster a better understanding of the surroundings. It’s an investment that helps us to classify them into cultural cohorts despite their age or course. Engaging with fellow students at Vedatya; outside of the traditional classroom set-up builds stronger teams, increases collaboration, and even boosts the morale of an individual. Illuma Club will further not only provide a platform to exhibit their talent but also, imbibe a spirit of togetherness. The cultural activities also inculcate life skills and social skills in the students.


To enable the students to become more responsible and confident by participating in Cultural activities. These activities also foster team spirit and a sense of responsibility in the students.

To encourage them to face challenges and find solutions to real-life problems. Also, to make sure that the students should be able to choose their field of interest early.

To promote and arrange extracurricular activities to bring out the talents of students in the performing arts.

To enable the students to perform and earn medals at various University levels.

Functional Responsibilities:

To call at least two meetings in a year, one in the beginning and one during the session.

To prepare and maintain records of all cultural activities.

To put together their talents and develop skills individuals to represent Vedatya Institute in other University level competitions.

Committee Members: 

Geetika Manchanda, Convener,

Chef, Apurva Kapur , Co-Convener,

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