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Wall Art & Design Competition | 2018

About the Event

The participants will have an opportunity to express their creativity on the theme ‘Student Life and Friendship’ by not just preparing a layout that articulates the participant’s thoughts but also an opportunity to implement the same through wall art.

Phase One | The Planning Stage

This phase will be oriented towards building a team of 2-3 at the school level (class 11th to 12th) and their efforts to work together to create a design that communicates on the theme and can be rendered as a wall art.

i. Design Creation

Participants are expected to create the design that is focused on the theme Student Life and Friendship and can be converted to wall art on a 5ft*3ft wall surface.

ii. Presentation Element

Prepare a presentation that explains the creative expression to a panel of judges, this should be 5 minute brief.

iii. Come prepared

With all materials (acrylic paints, brushes, spray paints, etc.) that are required by the team to implement their design on an external all weather surface.

Phase Two | Implementing the Wall Art at Vedatya

i. Compete and perform

The learners, in a group, will be allocated plain external (out door) wall surface panels that are 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. They will need to render their planned design in this allocated space alone.

No restrictions on materials that are deployed by the team. No resources will be made available by Vedatya, Participants are expected to bring their own materials.

Performance of teams will be rated by experts, exciting awards will be given to the winning team, each team will receive certificate of participation from Vedatya.

Event Registration

Please register for the event by completing the registration form.

Last date of registration is September 28, 2018.

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