2023 Admissions Open | Hospitality, Culinary, Design, and Business Management
2023 Admissions Open | Hospitality, Culinary, Design, and Business Management
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Learning support and engagement initiatives for Schools 2022

About Vedatya                

Vedatya Institute is an educator for the service industry.

The institute is an initiative of IIT & the Wharton School alums who wish to replicate their own quality educational experience for the benefit of students in India. It is funded by the holding entity of Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, Radisson Blu Varanasi, and a restaurant chain called The Great Kabab Factory.

Vedatya was founded in the year 2000 with a long-term objective to provide best-in-class, internationally recognized, undergraduate, post-graduate, doctoral, and executive education programs of study in the service sector related areas of hospitality, business, technology, healthcare, retail, and arts. It currently offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Hospitality, Design management, and Business Management.

Key Differentiators

Vedatya’s key differentiators amongst its competitors are as follows.

  1. The majority of its faculty have a Ph.D. in their respective areas of expertise and have published books and accepted research papers in publications
  2. Recognized by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), the largest hotel chain in the world, as an “IHG Academy” supporting and promoting hospitality education in India.
  3. Campus over 16 acres, 300,000 square feet of built-up space that can accommodate 5000 students, within 30 minutes of driving distance from Gurgaon. There is an on-campus training hotel with an agreement with IHG to brand it as a “Holiday Inn”. The hotel also has an executive education center. This will be the first training hotel in India that will be internationally branded.
  4. ‘Hospitality and Tourism Skills Council’ (THSC) validated partner training Institute. 
  5. Academic culture and corporate policy that promotes applied research and industry-focused consultancy assignments for faculty.
  6. An academic journal, called “Journal of Services Research (JSR)” being published for over 14 years on the Services Industry. The journal features in EBSCO and PROQUEST databases and gets submissions from global researchers from US, UK, France, Australia, Japan, China and other parts of Europe as well.
  7. On-campus organic farm, fish pond, and other sustainability-focused initiatives that are embedded with our hospitality and culinary programmes.
  8. Design installations and initiatives to support applied, hands-on approach to learning, including an on-campus design village.
  9. An international conference on the services industry was initiated by Vedatya and has now been joined by The Pennsylvania State University, US, Oxford Brookes University, UK, and University of Macau, HK . The conference is held on a rotation basis in India, US, UK, and Macau.
  10. The placement record of our students across multiple continents and the most reputed companies in the respective industries.

Summer Internship Programmes  

A range of 4-day programmes that are run in the form of applied workshops are shared below, these are offered to learners to introduce them to contemporary themes that have the potential to build career paths in the services sector, and as a minimum provide value in terms of knowledge shared on aspects of significance for a range of non-STEM professional career pathways. These are delivered at the Vedatya campus. These are paid programmes offered in the June-July months each year. Accommodation on campus is provided at extra cost to students as required.

The list of these programme(s) is as follows –

>>Exploring Food | Sustainable Culinary Practices and Beyond

This track provides a platform for passionate individuals to hone their culinary skills and acts as a stepping stone for budding chefs who may like to consider a future career in the vibrant sphere of culinary arts. The workshop will involve training in kitchen operations in a fun way and will include inputs on key tasks, knowledge, and skill components In addition to the culinary elements, learners will also engage with how sustainability principles can be practiced, including engaging with organic farming elements at Vedatya’s farm.

>>Learning to Manage Hospitality Events

This track provides basic knowledge and understanding towards planning and implementation of a successful event. It will provide learners with an insight of all the related elements which essentially shape the outcome of an event. The workshop focuses on the operational, as well as the non‐operational aspects like project management, market research, promotional techniques, and basic hospitality operational elements.

>>Digital Marketing and Role of Artificial Intelligence

The workshops will allow students to discuss and analyze the main concepts and theories underlying digital marketing. Students will learn how a digital marketing strategy fits into an organization’s wider marketing plan and evaluate the differences between traditional marketing and e-marketing. The workshop will offer exposure to the role of AI as a tool driving digital marketing efficiency and its impact. The students will also be given further insight on how to prepare a blog.

>>Learning about Entrepreneurship

The programme will allow students to discuss and analyze the main traits that are seen in successful entrepreneurs. Concepts and theories underlying entrepreneurship will be discussed. Basic training to construct an ‘idea’ into an actionable ‘business plan’ will be a part of the workshop. Learners will develop and present a business plan to a panel of experts including successful entrepreneurs.

>>Learning about Design and Design Thinking

The track starts by having learners build a deeper understanding of ‘design thinking’ as a concept and how to apply the same. Through a series of applied workshops, participants will learn about different design domains like interior design, fashion, and visual communication design. The key takeaway for learners would be to develop their ‘portfolios’ for them to refer to as they pursue career options in the design space.

Focused Workshops

These workshops are offered on a complimentary basis and can be delivered both at our campus as well at partner schools as required. The duration of these workshops is 2 hrs. Suitable for class 11th and 12th Students.

>>Leadership Development and Managing Change

This workshop will discuss appropriate concepts and theories from a leadership and management perspective.  The focus is upon understanding and evaluating behavior, yours and others, using concepts and theory in a purposeful context that is business-related.  The workshop will emphasize the role of a manager/leader/entrepreneur to achieve goals through people.  However, the achievements of these goals are always within the constraints and opportunities provided by human, material, and financial resources. Leadership is not necessarily located in the one playing a designated role. This conceptualization of leadership is often referred to a ‘distributed’ role. 

In a work-based context; roles, structures of authority, working practices, and culture are often defined.   This makes it relatively easy to perform quickly at a functional level but often obscures how the order in business is achieved without stifling creativity, which is essential to business. The workshop will discuss this dilemma.

>>Embracing and Leveraging Intercultural Diversity

The world we live and work in is now incredibly international. We have never been more likely to work and live alongside people from different backgrounds to our own. Cultural differences, based primarily upon nationality, and regional heritage, form an important dimension to the diversity we experience today. Culture also can be seen within industries, sectors of business, occupations or professions, and specific organisations themselves. This workshop will focus primarily on National/ Regional cultural differences and will introduce participants to how such differences can be understood and managed. In addition, we will explore, and encourage them to develop skills, which will help them work and live effectively alongside other cultures.

>>Career Mindset Training Workshop

The workshop allows participants to build an understanding of how to go about figuring out the right career direction for oneself. This is an applied workshop where learners run through a series of activities that help identify one’s vision, values, and life objectives, connect these with a framework that identifies ideal career options based on interests, aptitude, skills, and personality traits.

>>Learning about Digital Marketing and E-Business

The workshop will allow students to discuss and analyse the main concepts and theories underlying e-Marketing. Students will learn how a Digital Marketing strategy fits into an organisation’s wider marketing strategy and evaluate the differences between traditional marketing and e-Marketing. The workshop will offer exposure to E-Businesses as a growth segment.

>>Learning about organic farming and sustainable practices

The workshop will allow students to learn the basics of organic farming by actually engaging with aspects of ‘live farming’ techniques that are being deployed at Vedatya farms. The learners will conduct an onsite ‘sustainability audit’ using the GRIHA framework and thus recognize key actions needed to build a ‘sustainability-focused organization, with takeaways for each learner to practice.

Career Talks, Demonstration, Industry Visits, and Competitions                

These sessions are offered on a complimentary basis.

>>Talks by industry experts

Industry leaders and academic leadership deliver these information and guidance sessions in the domains of hospitality management, retail, design (fashion, interior design, visual communication design), and culinary arts.

          a. Culinary demonstrations by Chefs – Professional Chefs run culinary demonstrations covering a wide range of culinary themes, cuisines, and applications.

           b. Industry visits – We organize industry visits to augment students understanding of how actual operations run in the domain of hospitality, culinary arts, and design.

           c. Competitions held at Vedatya – The institute hosts a wide range of competitions to facilitate students to showcase their talent, interest, and skills. Some of these are listed below, these are scheduled at appropriate times during the calendar year.

      • Budding Chef Competition
      • Design Competitions (wall art, recycling from waste, draping, thread work)
      • Business Plan Competition
      • Photography Competition
      • Digital Design Competition

Certifications for teachers & activities for school leadership

These workshops are offered on a complimentary basis.

>>Developmental Workshops for Teachers

The institute offers a range of workshops for teachers on topics of interest and developmental value in both online and offline modes.  Appropriate certifications are offered to participants.

>>Leadership Roundtable Discussions

The institute invites school leadership (principals, headmistresses, and senior staff) to join us at roundtable discussions conducted to discuss aspects of mutual interest. The findings/ research is shared with all partner institutions

>>Weekend Brunches and leadership interaction

Student-led Brunches are organized at the campus to have leadership teams from schools join us at the campus to experience our initiatives, learn about organic farming and interact with our team, probe opportunities to collaborate.  

>>Joint research and publishing opportunity

Vedatya has a two-decade-old Journal, Journal of Services Research, we welcome joint research initiatives that teachers/ faculty may engage in, quality research can be published in JSR, a UGC listed journal of repute.

Registration and contact information

For more information contact Madhumeeta – +91-9871862372 & Jagjit Singh Negi – +91 99102 28975

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