Muqabla 2022

Muqabla 2022

11oct10:00 am4:00 pmMuqabla 2022A place for school & college students to compete & showcase their talent

Event Details

I. About the Event

This October Vedatya is organizing five unique Competitions in the professional areas of Hospitality, Culinary and Design for School and college students interested in these domains. The specific competitions being organized are – Bartending and Mixology, Budding chef, E-waist sculpting, Draping, and Sandcastle competition.

II. About the Competitions & Workshops

The participants will have an opportunity to express their passion and interest in the professional areas of hospitality, Culinary, and Design.

Students Choice

Participating students can choose to express their interest and creativity by choosing any one of the below-listed competition formats being offered:

i. Bartending & Mixology Competition | School & College Students

If you are passionate about bartending and mixology, this is the opportunity to showcase your skills, knowledge, and flair. Each contestant will be required to prepare and present a selection of ‘two’ cocktails/ mocktails of choice for the judges to evaluate. One of these has to be from the classical grouping, while the other will represent your innovation.

ii. Budding Chef Competition | School & College Students

The Budding Chef Competition hosted by Vedatya has been a huge success with nearly 50 schools participating each year. In continuation with the same spirit, we are organizing a chef competition for school/college students and would like to invite your esteemed school/college to participate in the chef competition. Vedatya has nearly four-acre of fruit and vegetable farms dedicated to serving fresh, healthy, and sustainable produce. The farming initiative provides a platform to engage our students with concepts like Farm to Fork and sustainability in culinary arts.

The Chef Competition finds an interesting setting at Vedatya in view of the above-mentioned differentiators, enabling participants to simultaneously engage and learn as they showcase their talent. It is indeed a fantastic opportunity for all the students to demonstrate their skills, creativity and passion for a potential culinary / hospitality pathway.

Students / Budding chefs participating in this competition will also get a chance to interact and learn from some of the finest Chefs from the Hospitality Industry.

Participants will compete in the form of teams of two. The culinary competition will be run in two separate tracks, track 1 for school students and track 2 for college students. More details on the competition will be shared separately with registered contestants closer to date.

iii. “Digital Personalities in The Real World” – Sculptures from e-waste| School Students & College Students

We live in a digital world today. Most of our lives are spent interacting with digital media, characters and stories. However, we still exist in the real world. What if we can translate our digital thoughts into the real world? The competition is aimed at creating humanoid sculptures using e-waste. Contestants will plan, design, and create sculptures that resemble humanoids or creatures that are close to the idea of a human. The outcomes could be faces, torsos, or even full figures that create a character. They will then proceed to name these creations and tell a short story around the life of the character. There will
be no size restriction on the creations, but they should ideally be proportionate to the surrounding world. The work will be done in a span of three hours under the supervision and guidance of an expert. The judging will be done by an invited expert from the visual arts arena and will be followed by a short talk on the importance of art and creativity in daily life.

iv. “The Joy of Draping” – Innovative Body Adornment Through Draping of Cloth | School & College Students

Uncut cloth is a wonderful way to adorn our bodies. From Saris and Sarongs to Greek Gods and Goddesses, uncut cloth draped over our bodies have been a way to express ourselves and our social stature for centuries. Draping is a wonderfully creative way to express moods and feelings and gives tremendous flexibility for achieving varied results.

In this competition, participants will bring their own uncut cloth in the form of saris, yardage, turbans, dhoties, bedsheets, or any other long-form cloth and attempt to express their concept of adornment through draping. They will be allowed to use pins, hooks, or other means to hold the cloth together and create the desired effect. The focus will be on innovative ways of draping and will be supported by a story on the character surrounding the design. The contest will be judged by an expert from the fashion world and will be done through a ramp walk and show.

v. “Sandcastle Dreams” –Building your own dream castle | School & College Students

Sand is a versatile material. In various forms, sand or mud have been used since time immemorial by humans for creating everything from humble dwellings to castles and forts. Sandcastles have also always been a part of every child’s playtime and creates an intimate connection between body and mind, in a
nurturing environment.

In this competition, the teams will be given the challenge to create a sand castle of their dreams that they have to plan and execute in a span of three hours. The construction of the castle could use locally found materials as well as sand or mud. The contestants are free to imagine the form and structure of their
sandcastle, but with a sense of scale and proportion. They will be required to tell a story about their creation at the end. The ideation and creation of the sandcastle will be guided by an expert and will be judged by an invited expert from the visual arts arena.

Requirements and judging process

Compete and perform

The learners will compete individually in their chosen competition.

No restrictions on materials that are deployed. No resources will be made available by Vedatya. Participants are expected to bring their own materials.

No prepared artwork or design effort. The competition will require participants to develop/demonstrate their contributions in real-time.

The performance will be rated by experts. Exciting awards will be given to the winning team, each participant will also receive a certificate of participation from Vedatya.

III. Participation Dates

Competition Date: 11th October 2022

IV. Registration Fee

It is complementary.

V. Registration Contact Information

Please feel free to call us at 8595650943 , 9711310079 , 7042422389, 7042422358 to register for participation or email us at for any further information.

VI. Fill the below form to register online: 



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