2023 Admissions Open | Hospitality, Culinary, Design, and Business Management
2023 Admissions Open | Hospitality, Culinary, Design, and Business Management

Career Opportunities with Hospitality Management Degree

Access to Diverse Career Opportunities in Service Industry through a Hospitality Management Degree, despite the Covid Pandemic

Hospitality & Tourism Industry in India: The Hospitality and Tourism industry has come to the fore as one of the major driving forces in the growth and development of the Indian economy over the last two decades. Over these years, India experienced significant growth in the inflow of foreign tourists, not to undermine the huge number of domestic travelers, which has given a major boost to the Hospitality Industry and placed India firmly on the world map of exotic tourism destinations at a global level. (Jaykumar, 2019, Journal of Services Research)

As per the latest projections by ibef.org, by 2029, India’s tourism sector is expected to grow by 6.7% to reach INR 35 trillion (US $488 billion) and account for approx. 9.2% of the total economy. While the international tourist arrival is expected to grow, however, it’s the domestic tourism that is expected to drive the growth predominantly post the pandemic.

Being a major contributor to the economic development of India, and with a lot of support from the Government, the Hospitality Industry is expected to emerge once again as one of the dominant industries with great employment opportunities for the youth of India.

Hospitality Management Education in India: To ensure that the tourists are provided with par excellence services and unforgettable experiences, the hotel industry needs well-trained, dedicated and professional manpower. The industry expectations from the hotel management institutes and hospitality graduates have undergone a visible metamorphosis over the past decade or two.

Most of the hospitality management schools have not revised their curriculum since inception and are continuing to educate students only on the hard skill-base without considering any industry feedback. The industry, on the other hand, is looking for people with great soft skills to balance the hard-core technical skills being taught in colleges, thus resulting in a skills gap. Hence, the need-of-the-hour is an up-gradation or revamping of the hospitality education curriculum. (Jaykumar, 2019, Journal of Services Research)

Hospitality Management at Vedatya Institute: The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (SHTM) provides its students with the knowledge, hard & soft skills, and competencies for a career in the international hospitality and tourism industry.

In the context of learning and teaching pedagogy, Vedatya provides excellence through experience. The Institute, therefore, uses a lot of learning and teaching approaches to achieve this and prepare students for lifelong learning. In addition to formal lectures, the programme makes use of seminars, guest lectures, case studies, and operational level knowledge of the service industry that is further supported by practical training from the Supervised Work Experience (SWE). Our learning and teaching approach also helps students develop transferable skills such as teamwork and communication skills, which are essential in a personal as well as professional context.

With a Hotel Management degree from Vedatya, the student’s career opportunities are truly limitless and the scope of employment expands well beyond hotels. Our students are not restricted to the traditional hotel management jobs in food production, F&B services or front office management but rather take up management positions around the world in the broader service industry that includes retail, financial services, healthcare, etc.

Last year, 26% of our graduates have placed in management trainee (MT) positions against an industry average of 2%. MT programs help our students get on a fast-track career towards building a management career within the finest hotels in the world.

Here are some career options and paths in the service industry (including banks, hospitals, retail stores and the entertainment industry) that our alumni have taken after obtaining the hospitality & tourism management degree.

Revenue Executive > Revenue Manager > Digital Marketing Director.
Customer Success Manager > Team Lead > Director of Customer Services.
HR Executive > Assistant HR Manager > HR Manager.
Sales & Marketing executive > Assistant Sales & Marketing Manager > Head of Sales & Marketing.
F&B Coordinator > Co-founder of a fast-food chain (open in 12+ cities with 30+ outlets).
Management Trainee > Front office Manager > General Manager.


The Indian hospitality industry is projected to grow dramatically post the pandemic to meet pent-up demand. In order to cater to the growth, the industry needs highly skilled workers.

The degree in hospitality management from Vedatya prepares students to be versatile professionals capable of delivering the finest service experiences that are not just limited to hotels but all service sectors around the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Hospitality and Tourism Management programme at Vedatya and get access to the best career opportunities in the service industry.

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